The first rule of Book Club

Hallooo darlings.

I don’t have enough time to be with people I love but we are fighting to make it happen.

We are all avid readers- or, often, listeners, because we are so busy we tend to use ‘found time’ rather than sit down and actually read a book.

So, via combination of Skype and in person, we are making the time to discuss. One of those books is Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich. My friend Mo suggested it, and I thought, NAH. Sounds like another Handmaid’s Tale. But it’s Louise Erdrich! So I hit it.

The audio book was particularly rich because Erdrich herself reads it. For a lifelong fan of her heavenly work, hearing her voice is itself heaven. She does accents.

I feel like she writes in her own blood. Her immense heart and intellect are capable of encompassing both emotional and cultural riches and the immense cruelty and loss in imposition of white culture upon indigenous.  How, how can anyone be so smart, and so generous?

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